Fiona Brophy

MIACP. BA Psychotherapy and Counselling. Addiction Studies.
  • BA in Counselling and Psychotherapy.
  • Masters Practitioners Programme in Eating Disorders. uk
  • Advanced Diploma in Obesity treatment and Nutritional Interventions. uk
  • Diploma in Drug and Alcohol Studies (DIP.UL)
  • Certificate in Relationship Education (Maynooth University)
  • Certificate in  facilitation with Accord.
  • Certification  Bader-Pearson Developmental Model in Couples Therapy
  • Accredited member of IACP
  • Certificate in WRAP.

Fiona Brophy Miacp.

BA Counselling & Psychotherapy, Dip. Drug and Addiction studies, Masters practitioner in Eating disorders, obesity treatment is a weight management coach. Certificate in Bader – Pearson Developmental Model of Couples Counselling, Certificate with Accord in Facilitation and marriage preperation.

Fiona started her career working in the field of bereavement, and over the span of her career has amassed experience in the treatment of addiction and eating disorders leading to the successful treatment of many clients both adolescents and adults alike. In more recent years, Fiona has come to specialise in relationship counselling and life coaching, where she aspires to assist her clients on their journey to reaching their full potential.

Fiona’s experience is underpinned by a continuous drive for professional development. Having graduated with a BA in psychotherapy, Fiona went on to attain qualifications from the University of Limerick, and St Patricks College Maynooth in the fields of drug and alcohol studies. Fiona also completed a Masters Practitioner programme in the area of eating disorders, obesity treatment and nutritional intervention from the National Centre For Eating Disorders UK. Fiona is experienced in running therapeutic groups for organisations such as the Offaly Domestic Violence support services, Tullamore Parish Centre, and has lend her hand to numerous voluntary organisations such as the Rape Crisis Centre ,Accord Marriage Counselling services and the Rutland Centre.

Fiona adopts a holistic approach with her clients, touching on all aspects of the individual meeting them where they are. Her extensive experience, creativity and intuition enable her to support her clients in reaching their goals and self fulfilment.

Online / Telephone options also available.

I saw that my life was a Vast Glowing Empty Page….. ……..and I Could Do Anything I Wanted -J.Kerouac


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