Depression is both common and complex with many different causes and presents itself in many different ways. Depression is estimated to affect between 1 in 4 people, who at some time in their lives will require treatment. Depression can effect each individual in different ways but the common factors where a person is experiencing depression include low self-esteem, low motivation, feelings of hopelessness, anger and self-defeating behaviours. Overcoming depression can be helped through counselling & psychotherapy where both yourself and your therapist will discuss what might be the best form of treatment in overcoming and managing depression.

By 2020 Depression will be the most debilitating illness of the western world (World Health Organisation)

  • Women aged 15 to 45 most common health issue
  • Depression has become much more prevalent amongst men
  • Depression can be mild to severe, short-term to chronic
  • Depression can have serious consequences for people and their families
  • More teenagers are now at risk of depression/experiencing depression type symptoms

Its helpful to discuss your symptoms or if you think you are at risk form depression. Here at Aspen, we can offer you opportunities to consider the best course of action in dealing with depression.

At Aspen Counselling we work with individuals, families, couples and teenagers in assisting people to explore what is impacting on their lives in a negative way and develop new insight into finding more positive ways in overcoming difficulties.

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