Bulimia is getting rid of quantities of food by purging, taking laxatives, diuretics and even exercise. You eat rapidly out of control at times and are desperate to control your weight. It feels like you are on a merry go round and you can’t get off, eating rules your life. You try to stop your bulimia and when this doesn’t happen you feel worse, it then adds more shame and you eat more and the cycle continues. You started purging as a way to control your weight but it isn’t working any more. You have mood swings, you feel depressed isolated and low. Recovery Aims to develop a healthy relationship with food with more awareness and self-control around food and weight. Emotional strengthening and new coping mechanisms to deal with issues with purging are also areas we are expertly skilled in to support you within recovery. Treatment involves gaining knowledge and wisdom about bulimia and why it developed. Motivation to change and letting go of the feelings associated with binging and purging are areas that need careful understanding and compassion during the treatment stage. Nutritional guidance and the realization through experience that you will not gain weight. Managing all the underlying issues that presented like past childhood issues, unhappiness, stress, feelings that food was used previously to numb the pain. Looking at the bulimic thoughts and obsessions and how the body is viewed and finally healed Would you like to find out more about how you developed your bulimia.

At Aspen Counselling we work with individuals, families, couples and teenagers in assisting people to explore what is impacting on their lives in a negative way and develop new insight into finding more positive ways in overcoming difficulties.

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