Anorexia is where food is restricted sometimes to the extent of starvation. There is an avoidance of foods believed to be fattening. The anorexic believes themselves to be fat no matter how slim they are and suffer from intense feelings of guilt after eating. Behaviour around food and exercise becomes rigid and obsessive lead by a self-critical inner voice demanding perfection. As it  rogresses withdrawal from normal life and avoidance become the norm where a lot of time is spent on thoughts about food or exercise. Anorexia can be life-threatening if left untreated with the right support and treatment recovery is possible Starvation impacts on every aspect of the body and can lead to brittle bones, infertility, insomnia, depression and anxiety, successful treatment can help heal. Recovery aims to look at food differently. Anorexia is not just about food and weight and with time and caring support recovery is also about emotional strengthening learning new coping mechanisms gaining confidence and self-worth. It involves Assessment where knowledge is gathered as to how you may have developed your eating problem. Nutritional interventions and guidance are done in a collaborative manner. Coping with different aspects of life that showed up in assessment such as depression, anxiety, fear, bereavement, stress. Managing the Anorexic mindset and dealing with body image and self-worth.

At Aspen Counselling we work with individuals, families, couples and teenagers in assisting people to explore what is impacting on their lives in a negative way and develop new insight into finding more positive ways in overcoming difficulties.

When I first enquired about counselling I was a complete mess. Despite being quite a social person and heavily involved in sporting clubs, I felt so sad and lonely.  I had zero self-esteem or self-confidence. I used food as my crutch and was definitely what you consider an ‘emotional eater’.  I was completely incapable of making decisions/talking about my feelings, I was unable to say ‘no’ and was the definition of a ‘people pleaser’. 

I finally made the brave decision to ring Aspen counselling, who put me in touch with my counsellor Fiona and I am pleased to say, I have never looked back. The first few sessions were very painful and a blur if I’m honest. I think I spent most of that time crying and would leave each session with big, puffy, swollen eyes. But as each session passed I began to understand why I was feeling and acting the way I was. Fiona simply ‘got me’ from our initial meeting and we have worked together in sync for the past five and a half years. Fiona listened to me, understood me, requested me to dig deep and answer questions in relation to my past, never judged me, offered me advice, set me challenges and pushed me to be the best version of myself I could be.

I am now 38 years of age and the happiest I have ever been in my life. Every aspect of my life has changed dramatically: my health, social/personal/love/professional life have all been turned upside down. I always dreamed of this day and through hard work and determination and having Fiona’s words of wisdom ringing in my ears, I feel I can conquer any challenge that lies ahead. I am more confident and willing to talk about my feelings and difficult situations. I feel so in tune with myself and am well equipped with the skills to continue to persevere and push through any obstacle life presents. I am literally so proud of myself and all I have achieved. I have the life I wished for and more importantly the life I deserve. I would highly recommend counselling and simply ‘talking’ to anyone who is going through a difficult patch.


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