Addiction can have long lasting negative effects on individuals and their families.


Anxiety is a normal human response in times of worry, danger or stress.


In our work, We regularly meet people, both young and old, who are near breaking point due to bullying.

Childhood Trauma

Each of us has experiences from childhood that influence us in how we do things in the present.


Depression is both common and complex with many different causes, and presents itself in many different ways.

Eating Disorders/Weight Management

The term ‘Eating Disorder’ refers to a range of complex conditions

LGBT Support

LGBT Counselling for Issues unique to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Counselling.


Mindfulness is the practice of ‘being fully present in the moment’.


Couples & relationship counselling can provide an opportunity for change and growth within the relationship.

Suicide Awareness

Suicide is a serious issue that many people prefer not to discuss

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