Addiction can have long lasting negative effects on individuals and their families.

Adolescent Counselling

Counselling can offer the teenagers and their family an opportunity to explore problems and find alternative ways of making their lives more positive.

Affordable Counselling

Affordable Counselling is provided for clients that may not be able to afford to avail of counselling with a fully qualified accredited therapist.


Anxiety is a normal human response in times of worry, danger or stress.

Bereavement & Loss

Each one of us shall experience loss at some stage in our lives. While bereavement is part of life it can often be very difficult.

Childhood Issues/Trauma

Each of us has experiences from childhood that influence us in how we do things in the present.

Children’s Services

Aspen provides therapeutic services for children in the midlands area.


Couples & relationship counselling can provide an opportunity for change and growth within the relationship.


Depression is both common and complex with many different causes, and presents itself in many different ways.

Emotional Crisis

A crisis may be precipitated by any number of potential unforeseen events.

Family Therapy

Systemic Psychotherapy/Family therapy has emerged as a successful method of working with the family in order to achieve positive outcomes for family members.

Parental Separation

The distress for children and teenagers when parents separate can lead sometimes to many difficulties for children and young people.

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