Counselling Tips During Covid 19

counselling tips

Counselling Tips:

At the moment with everything so unpredictable it’s no wonder we may feel fear, anxiety, overwhelm whether it’s not feeling safe, fear of parent’s, family members or even ourselves becoming unwell. We may already have experienced a death due to covid 19 or have concerns about family members working on the frontline. Then there is a fear of the future, will my job be secure, how will we manage, can we sustain all this and pay the bills.  Will I get to do my leaving certificate and go to college.? Will I have to cancel my wedding ….There are so many elements to covid 19 and as it becomes prolonged these fears and concerns can escalate.  

 The natural tendency within us all is towards connection, health, vitally, and no matter how isolated some of us are feeling at the moment from family, friends and even the comfort of our old normal day to day lives our natural impulse is still towards connection just like a fallen seed its tendency is towards the light and growth.  With working from home coping with a different routine with children, how do we find ourselves in all of this?    What we have noticed at Aspen Counselling Tullamore is that old patterns of behavior slowly creep in while we are on empty. Look at our day what are the nurturing things we are doing for ourselves and look at the depleting things and see how the scales are tipping.  How can we make small changes within ourselves to tip that scales in the right direction?   There is one thing we know for sure that the brain cannot be appreciative and simultaneously be fearful.  

 So, let’s start with ourselves and our strengths, resilience’s, creativity, patience, endurance, tolerance, lets appreciate the fact that we have come this far and it’s not easy but we managed.  Let’s appreciate the small things that happened along the way.  Let’s set a daily challenge to keep us on the right track.  That could be having more compassion for ourselves so when we feel we haven’t achieved what we wanted in the day, instead of beating ourselves up about it do something nice for yourself like have a nice bath, or tell yourself well done for all you have achieved today, and most importantly that you are enough. If we can list three things each day that we appreciate research shows us this can have a positive impact on overall wellbeing. We are all in this together, so let’s adjust and tip that scales with a compassionate and understanding for ourselves and those around us right now.

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