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Parental Separation Working Systemically To Support Families

Parental separation is a difficult time for families and children.

The distress for children and teenagers when parents separate can lead sometimes to many difficulties for children and young people where they might experience anxiety, low mood, behavioural difficulties, poor concentration, self blaming and self destructive behaviours.

Working systemically with families/parents to achieve separation with less stress on children and teenagers can have more positive outcomes in the long run. Children and young people who experience their parents working together to achieve positive ways of dealing with the difficulty of separation has proven in many cases to enable children and young people to overcome the separation and understand that they still can have the support of both  parents even though parents are no longer together as a couple.

Aspen works with both parents and children, and often extended family members, to achieve more positive outcomes both for themselves and their children by providing a safe space to explore the emotional and practical aspects of separation and remain focused on their parental roles in a positive way.

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Systemic Practice focuses on the relational patterns and assists people in developing more positive ways of dealing with situations/life stressors.

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